Pretty - lanterns in a natural look

Pretty - lanterns in a natural look

Lanterns are a great theme. We will show you two particularly attractive variants, using winter plants and dried flowers.
Lanterns or other glasses made of clear glass; string; wide ribbon; hot glue.

For variant 1 additionally erica or calluna plants; sand; candles.
For variant 2 additionally various dried flowers and tealights.
Method variant 1:
  1. Wrap the glass with ribbon and fix it with hot glue.
  2. Cut off a few stems from the plant and glue them - one by one - on the ribbon.
  3. Fix everything with string or ribbon.
  4. Pour a little sand into the container and place the candle on top.
Several lanterns in a row are especially beautiful.

This variant also looks good on windowsills or balconies.
Method variant 2:
  1. Wrap the glass with ribbon and fix it with hot glue.
  2. Choose dried flowers that you particularly like and attach them to the glass with string. Make sure that the flowers do not end up in the flame when you light the candle.
  3. Now place the tealight - and voilà: your special lantern is ready.
This variant is beautiful individually, but also several in a row.

It brightens up the ambience, makes a nice table decoration, but also works well on sideboards or in niches.
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