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Fleurop guarantee times

As a rule, Fleurop’s partner florists deliver flowers in the course of the day on the desired delivery date. But what if the recipient is only at home until 10.00 or doesn’t get back until 17.00? Or if it’s vital to deliver the bouquet to that nice lady on reception in the morning?

Fleurop’s exact time delivery makes it possible.

Fleurop bouquets with exact time delivery: at our company, even flowers are punctual!

Thanks to Fleurop’s exact time delivery, our partner florists will not only deliver the flowers you order on a specific day, but also at the desired time. The details:

  • Fleurop exact time orders are normally possible for the working day following the order or later (peak days are excepted).

  • Orders for the following day can be accepted no later than 17.00.

  • The Fleurop Exact Time Service – like the Fleurop Express Service – is guaranteed for more than 1350 places in Switzerland and therefore covers most deliveries.

  • In addition to the normal Fleurop service charge, exact time orders are subject to an additional charge of CHF 15.00.

Exact delivery time orders can be delivered during the times stated below.

Delivery times for Fleurop exact time orders

For orders with an exact delivery time, the customer chooses a period of 30 minutes within which the delivery should be made. In other words, the customer defines the earliest or latest time at which the flowers are to be delivered. And the Fleurop partner florist will ensure that the delivery arrives at the recipient’s location no later than 30 minutes after the earliest or 30 minutes before the latest time. Fleurop offers the following delivery times:

  • Monday to Friday, 9.00 to 17.30 (except during lunchtime*)

  • Saturday, 9.00 to 15.00 (except during lunchtime*)

* Deliveries cannot be made during the lunchtime period from 12.00 to 13.00. The guaranteed delivery time will be specified on the order confirmation.

Please note: this service will only be offered in the webshop if the order can be filled on the basis of the selected date and post code. This means that the delivery date and post code must always be entered first.

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