Voucher with candle – a gift full of light

Voucher with candle - a gift full of light

A voucher valid for two years and a candle that burns for hours: this is a gift that won't be soon forgotten.
PDF voucher; candle; ribbon; eucalyptus branch or flower (e.g. rose); gift tag.
  1. If there is not already something suitable on the gift tag, label it yourself.
  2. Fold the voucher so that you can place it around the candle.
  3. Tie it with the ribbon and let the ends of the ribbon hang down.
  1. Insert a eucalyptus branch (or flower) between the voucher and the ribbon.
  2. Attach the gift tag to the ribbon.
A eucalyptus branch can go without water for quite a long time. In the case of a flower, it is worth placing it in a vase filled with water after handing over the gift.

Decorative tips for PDF vouchers