About colors

About colors

Tulips are not just tulips. Because depending on the color, they have different messages and effects.
In love with tulips
Sorry? It's not only your great love that makes your heart beat faster, but also the sight of beautiful spring flowers?

This is completely normal, because you simply missed the colors in nature in winter. Here is a brief overview of the messages and the effect of colors.
Colors - their messages and effects
  • Yellow tulips express sympathy. They make you feel cheerful and optimistic, and it's a good remedy against the winter blues.
  • Purple and violet tulips represent love at first sight, but at the same time they are very distinguished.
  • Orange tulips show that someone fascinates you. Moreover, they make it easier for morning grouches to get up.
  • Pink tulips convey spring feelings and symbolize tender emotions and romance.
  • Red tulips stand for emotional connection. They are stimulating, have an energizing effect and incite emotional reactions.
  • White tulips symbolize eternal love. But they also bring light into our interiors, have a soothing and elegant effect.
Multicolored tulips always fit
If you don't know the right color yet, choose a multicolored bouquet.

A refreshing cocktail of tulips contains a little bit of everything and therefore always fits.

We make life more colorful

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