Why fathers deserve a «thank you»

There are many reasons to thank a father. They are different for each of us. Think about it and thank your father for what he means to you.
Did you know that today's fathers spend four times as much time with their children as they did in the 1960s and that they are also found much more often at the stove or changing table? It’s a development that deserves to be applauded.

Let our fathers and stepfathers know how important they are to us, to the family and to society, and thank them for their tireless commitment and the love they show us and to the whole family. No father has to be perfect.
Let us simply thank him for everything he does in his own way from the heart: for example, for his fatherly love, his sense of responsibility, his team spirit, his perseverance and patience. Let's just thank our fathers for being who they are and for always being there for us in their own way.

You are the best

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