Plants for your home

Trendy house plants? Aromatic herbs? Or fruit and berry plants for patio and garden? Let us seduce you and become a hobby gardener.
Green stands for nature. Maybe this is one of the reasons why plants are so trendy. But of course, you have also noticed that they look decorative, create a good atmosphere and improve the air. In short: we are also fans of them and therefore offer indoor plants. Better known ones like Dracaena, Ficus, Yucca, Sansevieria or Zamioculcas are mostly available. But here you will also find novelties.

This also applies to our range of fresh herbs for kitchen, balcony and garden. Or for our selection of fruit and berry plants. Some people are tempted by an apple, others cannot resist pears, berries, cherries or other fruits. And you?
Depending on the season, you will find a wide variety of fruit and berry plants for your garden, terrace and balcony. They are all robust, productive and aromatic. From time to time we even have vines on offer. Not everything is always available. Because «our gardener» only sells first-class plants, and these are not always available. And of course, the weather conditions also play an important role.

In short: it's best to visit us regularly. What you don't find today may already be available tomorrow.

Discover indoor plants, herbs, fruit and berry plants now

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