Männerpflanze - Grow a plant, grow as a man.

Until now, the gift market for flowers, decorations, jewelry and accessories concentrated mainly on Ladies and offered little excitement for Guys. That is why women provided ties, aftershave, wine, whiskey and chocolate as gifts when they were completely at a loss for ideas..
"Männerpflanze" offers a way out of this dilemma.We present you the man of the 21st century who stands for his soft side: He attends cooking classes, irons his own shirts and decorates his home in style. As a result, plants are almost a must-have.

Plants fresh up the ambiance  and increase the quality of life. Moreover , our plants for men are not only extraordinary, they even have names, radiate relaxed tranquility and create the ultimate Zen effect. The fact that the wellness factor is well received by female guests too is a welcome side effect.

A selection of our plants «Männerpflanze»:

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