How Fleurop works

Short delivery distances are essential if the floral gifts are to arrive at their destinations fresh and intact. Fleurop has always made sure that this requirement is met, worldwide.

Fleurop has the right infrastructure

Fleurop-Interflora stands for flower deliveries worldwide, through a network of carefully selected partner florists. They are under contract to Fleurop, meet the strictest guidelines in respect of quality at all levels, and deliver the Fleurop orders to the customers. The floral gifts are prepared and personally delivered by a Fleurop partner shop near the recipient's location. Fleurop provides the communication technology and organisational infrastructure required to ensure smooth and dependable delivery, even at the more remote destinations. This is the only way a customer can order a bouquet via the internet, by dialling 0848 888 555 or in one of the many Fleurop partner shops - in Zurich, for example - and be sure that it will be delivered just a few hours later in Bern, Berlin, New York, Beijing or anywhere else in the world.

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The flowers are always fresh because only the orders 'travel'

Whether you order through the Fleurop webshop, in a Fleurop partner shop or by telephone: Fleurop orders placed in Switzerland are first transmitted electronically to the Fleurop head offices. Orders for Switzerland are automatically forwarded via the internet to a Fleurop partner in the vicinity of the recipient. Orders for delivery outside of Switzerland are first transmitted through electronic channels from the Fleurop head offices to the Fleurop sister company abroad, from where they are sent - again electronically - to a Fleurop florist near the recipient. No matter where in the world the flowers are to be delivered, only the order does the 'travelling', through the electronic channels of the internet, and the floral creation is expertly prepared and personally delivered by the local Fleurop partner.

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Fleurop-Interflora - a global presence in more than 150 countries

A flower delivery service with a reach extending beyond Continental Europe requires a correspondingly international network. The European Fleurop organisation therefore joined forces with its US and British sister companies to create the global Interflora group with more than 50,000 expert florists in over 150 countries. As a matter of fact, it is hardly an exaggeration to state that, in terms of partner branches, Fleurop-Interflora is one of the world's largest retailing organisations.

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