Essentials - from trendy to needed

Here you’ll find our most popular Fleurop products at a glance.
Fleurop is not only a leader in flower arranging. Meanwhile, the gift and greeting cards, Fleurop sets and the sometimes quite exclusive articles with the Fleurop logo are also extremely popular.

How about a small supply at home? Gift cards, for example, so that you always have a nice gift ready. Or greeting cards, so that in future you have a suitable card at hand for loving, but also funny words.

Among the «Essentials by Fleurop» it also has bestsellers. Whether it's ice buckets, costume jewellery, flower knives, umbrellas or teddy bears: they are very popular - and not only because they are associated with labels such as Armani, Tadah or Victorinox.
Of course, it's also worth a look at the sets. After all, they were put together with a lot of imagination for special situations or moments in life, whether it's love, birthdays, good weather, free time, tea time or simply to enjoy life. Our advice: take a look at them.

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