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Have fun during a DIY session.

Captivating: tulips growing between Easter eggs

Oster-DekoOster-Deko Sand einfüllen in Vase

Who doesn't like to present a decoration that everyone wants to know how it was made? Here is a new decoration that is easy to make.


potted tulips; glass vase; sand for birds; paper; empty chicken and quail eggs.

Vase mit SandOster-Deko bastelnOster-Deko auf Treppe


  1. Free the tulip bulbs from their soil and rinse them under running water until there is no more soil at all.
  2. Roll a sheet of paper into a tube and place it against the vase wall to protect it from dirt.
  3. Pour a little sand (approx. 3 cm) into the tube.
  4. Place the tulip bulbs on the sand in the vase and add about 1 cm of sand.
  5. Carefully remove the paper from the vase.
  6. Decorate - to your taste - the vase with chicken and quail eggs.
  7. Carefully fill the vase with a little water until the lower sand layer is wet.
  8. Check daily if the bottom layer of sand is wet, otherwise add a little water carefully.


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