A touch of spring

Whether you want to experience spring up close or give someone a very special present: Discover now our bouquet «A touch of spring» with two fragrances by Roger&Gallet («Rose Mignonnerie» & «Magnolia Folie», 100 ml each).

«Rose Mignonnerie» - gentle and feminine

The Extrait de Cologne «Rose Mignonnerie» by Roger&Gallet convinces with its flowery fresh scent. It is made of 87% natural ingredients and boasts a seductively feminine rose scent, which was skilfully combined with fresh and elegant aromas by perfumer Aurélien Guichard.

«Rose Mignonnerie» consists of, among other things, distilled essences of Damascus rose, pink pepper, basil, cedar and mandarin essence. Although the fragrance appears incredibly feminine, it is particularly suitable for everyday use in spring and summer.

«Magnolia Folie» - cheerful and light

The Extrait de Cologne «Magnolia Folie» by Roger&Gallet, composed by master perfumer Frédérique Terranova, convinces with perfectly coordinated fragrances. After a fruity prelude of blackcurrant, the fragrance enchants with a bouquet of precious magnolia blossom, jasmine and orange blossom, which creates a spring feeling. The fragrance is rounded off with woody notes of patchouli and the warm aroma of cedar. «Magnolia Folie» is a cheerful and light fragrance with French charm.

Roger&Gallet - a perfume company with history

When Charles Armand Roger and Charles Martial Gallet decided to found Roger&Gallet in 1862, they quickly achieved success. They became suppliers to Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Victoria and the Spanish court and made a name for themselves in large parts of Europe.
The company was able to maintain this reputation not only by employing exceptional perfumers who composed exquisite fragrances, but also by paying great attention to the containers, the shapes of their products and the packaging. As early as the 19th century, for example, it created round scented soaps and applied for a patent for the lipstick mechanism. Later, the company surprised customers with the first liquid soap - and even later with exclusive perfume bottles, which were developed together with Lalique and Baccarat.

In short: Roger&Gallet has always managed to inspire people. And so, you can look forward to the two fragrances selected by Fleurop because they go so well with spring and early summer.