New: Christmas gift with 13 products

Looking for a special Christmas present? Here you will find sparkling, noble, romantic and unusual gifts, with and without candles.
Fairy Tale Bouquet
From CHF 71.90
Pink Admiration
From CHF 68.40
Floral Romance
From CHF 62.70
Bright Mood
From CHF 58.20
Pink Tenderness
From CHF 60.50
From CHF 70.70
Sincere Gratitude
From CHF 57.00
Full of Feelings
From CHF 67.30
Thinking about You
From CHF 73.00
Sweet Smile
From CHF 73.00
For the Loving Heart
From CHF 73.00
For Special Woman
From CHF 68.40
Sparkling Wine Gift
From CHF 79.80