Tulips are the most popular spring flowers. Reason enough for us to create a special "shop window" . Indulge yourself and enjoy a tender and colourful springtime with tulips. On request, exquisite cocoa almonds can be added.

Romantic Bouquet of Tulips

Tulip Princess (incl. Vase) with Gottlieber tea gift set

Colourful Bouquet of Tulips

Bouquet of Tulips in Yellow with bar of chocolate “Hello Sunshine“

Stylish miniature tulip garden

Tender Spring Greetings with Minor Split in trendy gift tin

Colourful Bouquet of Tulips with honey gift set

MyBouquet red tulips
(choose quantity/price)

Tulips in Tender Pink Shades with bar of chocolate “Happy Birthday“

Spring Scent in the Air (incl. Vase)

Trendy Tulip Art (Arr. with selected french Tulips)

Festival of Colours

Stylish miniature tulip garden with Prosecco Albino Armani DOC (75 cl) incl. ice bucket and two sparkling wine flutes

MyBouquet pink tulips
(choose quantity/price)

MyBouquet purple tulips
(choose quantity/price)

Selected French Tulips

Spring-Hit! (Arrangement) with Chocolate Ladybird

Bouquet of Tulips in Yellow

On Cloud Nine (incl. Vase)

MyBouquet yellow tulips
(choose quantity/price)

Tender Spring Greetings with teddy bear (brown)

MyBouquet white tulips
(choose quantity/price)

Spring-Hit! (Arrangement) with Ripasso Albino Armani DOC (75cl)

Spring-Hit! (Arrangement)

Tulip Magic (incl. Vase)

Spring Sunray with Gottlieber Hüppen "Special Edition for Fleurop"

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