“Orchid hunters” used to have to search for these plants. Nowadays, orchid lovers find them here, perhaps you may also want to add an additional surprise such as residue-free honey. Since plants and flower arrangements are not allowed in hospitals, please choose bouquets for your loved one instead.

Little Christmas wonder including vase

Elegant Orchidbouquet

Winter princess (Orchidee Phalaenopsis) in cachepot with Gottlieber Hüppen "Special Edition for Fleurop"

Mystical orchids (including vase)

White Orchid (Phalaenopsis) in Cachepot

Exquisite Good Luck Charm with Prosecco Albino Armani DOC (20cl)

Precious Greetings: Ripasso Albino Armani DOC (75cl)

Heavenly … (orchid plant in a vase)

Natural and Exquisite with Prosecco Albino Armani DOC (20cl)

Good Luck Charm with Chocolate Ladybird

White Orchid (Phalaenopsis) in Cachepot with honey gift set

Winter princess (Orchidee Phalaenopsis) in cachepot

Cheers! With Prosecco Albino Armani DOC (20cl)

A charming Genie in a Bottle: with Amarone Albino Armani DOCG (75cl)

Elegant Orchidbouquet with Swiss blossom honey

Festive Orchid (Phalaenopsis) in Cachepot

Precious and unforgettable with Prosecco Albino Armani DOC (75cl)

(orchid plant incl. vase)

Beautiful Day with Prosecco Albino Armani DOC (20cl)

Best of Luck! with Chocolate Ladybird

Festive Orchid (Phalaenopsis) in Cachepot with two teddy bears (white & brown)

Noble Orchid (plant) with Swiss blossom honey

Exquisite Surprise with Gottlieber Cocoa Almonds

Elegance: Ripasso Albino Armani DOC (75cl)

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